GERUN Brand Spakles On Domastic Show

June 14, 2023

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Tektronix (Die Chuang) Participation in the 2023 Suzhou Corrugated Exhibition Yields Positive Results

GERUN brand is belongs to Tektronix suzhou.

Tektronix (Die Chuang) recently participated in the Suzhou Corrugated Exhibition, which was held in 2023. The exhibition provided an opportunity for the company to showcase their products, services and innovations related to the corrugated industry.

During the exhibition, Tektronix (Die Chuang)  presented their printing machines. They demonstrated their capabilities to potential customers, including manufacturers of corrugated products and packaging materials.

The company also used the Suzhou Corrugated Exhibition as a platform to launch new products. With a focus on technology innovation, Tektronix (Die Chuang) introduced a new corrugated printing machine designed for high-speed and high-precision printing, attracting attention from a wide range of visitors.

At the exhibition, Tektronix (Die Chuang) products and innovations received positive feedback from visitors, including industry experts, buyers, and potential customers. Many exhibitors were impressed with the quality of the products presented and the professionalism of the Tektronix (Die Chuang) team. This has led to numerous inquiries and potential sales opportunities.

Participating in an industry exhibition such as the Suzhou Corrugated Show helps companies like Tektronix (Die Chuang) increase their brand recognition and reputation within the industry. It helps them connect and build relationships with potential customers and suppliers, and benefits the entire corrugated industry.

In conclusion, Tektronix (Die Chuang) participation in the 2023 Suzhou Corrugated Exhibition was a successful venture, providing a platform for the company to showcase their products and innovations to the corrugated industry. Their presence was well-received by visitors, making them a contender in the corrugated equipment market.